State Water Heaters

The Commercial Water Heaters listed below are the one's we currently stock. Click on any description of a commercial water heater and it will bring up a spec sheet of that heater. We can convert any heater to meet your needs right here at our warehouse. Call us today and dont forget we offer 24/7 Emergency Commercial Water Heater service. Call us anytime, 678-715-6300.

Commercial Heaters                                                      

COMM 100 GAL GAS 199BT(SUF100199NE)                                                

COMM 100 GASL 199,000 BTU(SBD100199NET)                                          

COMM  100 GAL 250,000 BTU(SBD100250NEA)                                                    

COMM  71 GAL GAS 120 BTU(SBD71120NE)                                                

COMM  100 GAL GAS 250 BTU(SUF100250NEA)                                           

COMM 81 GAL 199,000 BTU(SBD81199NE)                                                   

COMM 60 GAL GAS 120 BTU(SUF60120NE)                                                  

COMM 98 GAL GAS 75,100 BTU(SBS10076NE)                                              

COMM 74 GAL GAS 75,100 BTU(SBS7576NE)                                                

COMM 65 GAL GAS 65 BTU(SBS6565NE)                                                       

COMM 40 GAL ELEC 4.5KW 208V(PCE4020LSA)                                            

COMM 50 GAL ELEC 4.5KW 208V(PCE5020LSA)                                            

COMM 80 GAL ELEC 12KW 240V(CSB8212SFE)                                              

COMM 50 GAL ELEC 24KW 240V(CSB5224SFE)                                              

COMM 50 GAL ELEC 12KW 240V(CSB5212SFE)                                              

COMM 30 GAL ELEC 4.5KW 208V(PCE3020RTA)                                            

COMM 30 GAL ELEC LOWBOY 4.5KW 208V(PCE3020LSA)                              

COMM 40 GAL ELEC 4.5KW 208V(PCE4020RTA)                                            

COMM 50 GAS ELEC 4.5KW 208V(PCE5220RTA)                                            

COMM 6 GAL ELEC 1.5KW 120V(PCE610MSA)                                               

COMM 80 GAL ELEC 24KW 240V(CSB8224SFE)                                              

COMM 10 GAL ELEC 1.5KW 120V(PCE1010MSA)                                            






We currently only  have two of a Toto Clayton Air Bathtub left in stock. Call today for details!!!




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